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Handicap Betting in Tennis

November 3, 2020, 13:04
Handicap Betting in Tennis

Handicap betting is a popular betting type in many sports. But what is tennis handicap betting? This bet gives an advantage to a certain player. Keep in mind that this advantage is hypothetical, not real! It’s given by bookmakers in order to increase the odds and level the chances. It’s boring when one player is clearly much stronger, so the bookies decided to spice it up with a handicap. How does it work? Let’s find that out!

What is Tennis Handicap Betting

Speaking of practice, handicap in tennis betting gives you the chance to back the player you love, even if he is not likely to win. You don’t even have to love that player, do it for the sake of odds! Odds are jaw-dropping. And can you imagine the payout then…

Instant money has never been closer to you than now. This magical formula will clear all of your previous betting mistakes. In order to do that, you have to find out what tennis handicap betting is.

But don’t worry…

We are more than happy to provide you with the most powerful and proven strategy when it comes to handicap betting in tennis.

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An Example for This Type of Tennis Betting

Naturally, for you to understand better, we’ve prepared some examples. After reading this article you will not have to ask yourself what tennis handicap betting is ever again!

Oh yes, the example…

Djokovic has played with Krajinovic in Vienna recently. We all know how well Djokovic plays and his performance speaks for itself as he is still number 1 on the ATP list. Krajinovic is great but still not as good as Djokovic. Not even close, some may argue. However, Krajinovic is 30th on the ATP list. Djokovic was an absolute favourite and the odds were extremely low for him to win.

In this match, bookmakers could give a price of evens to balance the chances. Let’s say they gave Krajinovic a +4.5 games advantage. After the match is over, the player with the most games won is the winner. It doesn’t matter if Krajinovic has actually won, it’s only important that he has won more games than Djokovic. The math is simple – you only add those 4.5 games to Krajinovic and see if he has won more than Djokovic. This means that you get to win the bet, even if Krajinovic doesn’t win the match!

Let me explain it further to you.

In reality, Djokovic has won with the result 7:6, 6:3. If you added 4.5 games to Krajinovic because of the handicap betting, you would win the bet! How so? When it comes to bookmakers, Krajinovic has won 13.5 games and Djokovic only 13. Easy, right?

Types of Handicap Betting

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s dive into types of handicap betting. You don’t really know what tennis handicap betting is until you know the types of it. It’s not that hard as there are only two types. What are those? In handicap betting, there are positive and negative handicaps. In the previous example of the match between Djokovic and Krajinovic, it was a positive handicap.

Positive and Negative Handicaps

As we have already said, it’s important for you to distinguish these two types of handicap betting.

Positive handicap betting gives an advantage to the underdog. We have seen it in the example where Krajinovic got 4.5 games advantage against Djokovic.

The negative handicap is the opposite. It gives the favourite a disadvantage (e.g. -3.5 games). The number of games given by the bookies depends on various circumstances. It can be the rank and the form of the player, or even the surface and other external factors.

To clarify it completely, we’ll give you one more example, this time with a negative handicap.

Nadal has played recently at Roland Garros against Jannik Sinner. It’s Nadal’s favourite tournament, favourite surface and he is definitely one of the greatest players out there. Naturally, he was the favourite. Because of that, bookmakers could have given him the handicap -4.5 games.

Nadal won the match and qualified for the semifinals. However, that’s not important for you. If you placed a handicap bet and gave him -4.5 games disadvantage, you could still win the bet. How so? From the final result, you only have to subtract 4.5 from the total number of games won by Nadal.

The actual result was 7:6, 6:4, 6:1. Nadal has won 19 games, but when you subtract 4.5 because of the handicap, he has only won 14.5. However, Sinner has only won 11 games, so even when you apply handicap, Nadal is still the winner.

In-Play Handicap Betting in Tennis

What if we told you that you can place a handicap bet even when the match has already started? On our website 4rabet.com that’s one of many possibilities.

How does it work?

You have learned what is a handicap in tennis betting, but let me tell you how to place this bet in-play. You can place a handicap bet when a match has started and you see the direction of the match. It’s your advantage that you should use wisely because you see how well players are doing. With this bet, not only can you place handicap bets on the whole match, but also on a single set. In the previous example with Nadal and Sinner, that means that you could have placed a bet for the second set -2.5 games for Nadal. Because the real result was 6:4 in the second set, you would have won if the handicap had been applied. Just subtract -2.5 from 6 and you can clearly see that Nadal ends up with 3.5 games and Sinner with 4 games. For bookmakers and you, Sinner is the winner and so are you!

Handicap Betting in Tennis

Benefits of Handicap Betting in Tennis

For you to decide whether or not to try out handicap betting, we’ve prepared these mind-blowing benefits of handicap betting in tennis.

  • When one player is clearly much better and is an absolute favourite, low odds are something most bettors like you find unattractive. Risk is still present, but the value is not. If you want to increase odds and chances for an enormous amount of money, you can opt for a handicap bet. The good thing is that you don’t have to guess the real winner, only how well the players will perform. Even the best ones make their mistakes and the weaker ones can deliver a surprise. Why wouldn’t you make a profit out of it?
  • Odds can be incredibly high. If your stake is $10, you could win ten times more. Who wouldn’t want $100 when they only invested $10? Don’t forget to combine more matches to multiply your odds. If you place two handicap bets for only two matches, the combined odds could be up to 100! That means that with a $10 investment, you could win more than one thousand dollars! And it’s really not that hard! You only need to guess the outcomes of two matches.

In Conclusion

One of the most astonishing things with tennis handicap betting is that you don’t need to guess the actual winner. That certainly increases your chances of placing a winning bet and gives you the reason to celebrate. This bet has extremely high value for bettors. Those who are experienced in betting can almost effortlessly guess the outcome. If you are still skeptical, analyse one match from the past. Tell us what the result would be if a handicap was applied? You will see many surprises there! If you do research and analyse several matches, you will increase your betting skills and chances for winning your next handicap bet!

Don’t forget to visit us daily for fresh news in sports betting, the most useful tips and tricks and guides to a wide variety of bets. You are one click away from the best betting experience on our website, 4rabet.com. We provide you with the most useful insights about betting and the highest odds on the internet!

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